There are millions of active users on social media every day with interest in your product or service. Regardless if your goal is to build awareness or generate new business leads, social media can be a very effective tool. I will analyze and review your brand's voice and facebook user's tendencies to build campaigns that will help you reach your goals.

Facebook Paid Advertising

Targeting users on Facebook has gone beyond just demographic targeting. We now have access to users based on their location, interests, income, profession and so much more. I will put your brand's message in front of highly targeted consumers that are most likely to convert.

Ad Creation

Having fresh ads rotated into your campaigns on a regular basis ensures that your customers will always have a fresh perspective of your brand.

Ad Copy Testing

Sometimes it can be difficult to predict how users will react to different types of ad copy. This is why it is important to deploy a multitude of different ads, to determine which ad copy deserve the most exposure.  I am a big believer in constant testing for consistent results.


It is very rare that website visitors convert on their first visit to your website. By deploying a remarketing campaign with creative and effective imagery you will re-engage your previous website visitors and get them back into your funnel.