SEO and other marketing initiatives are useless if you do not have a well-managed website. You can think of me as your personal website handyman. If anything is to go wrong with your website or you would like some personalized changes made, I'm your guy. Here's what I offer:


Does your website need some tweaking?  I will become an expert in your website's design/structure and handle any custom change requests that you may have.


Image optimization is crucial to the well-being of a website.  As we continue to add content to your website I will make sure all image sizes, alt tags and file names have been properly optimized.


Unexpected things happen with websites all the time so it is important to always keep a backup version of your site. I will put the right software in place to ensure that all of your website's date is saved off server in a safe and reliable location on a weekly basis.


Having consistent and fresh content on your website is important for both search engines and your site visitors. I will provide you with the outside perspective you need to better communicate the right message to your customers.